Future Agents the Movie - Animation Updates 1

Future Agents the Movie - Animation Updates 1


Welcome to the Future Agents wiki site! Here you can find information on the series created by Pilot-Obvious and Point Blank Entertainment.

Future Agents the MovieEdit

Future Agents the Movie (Abbreviated FATM) is a full-length animated feature film that will be released on YouTube under the channel Point Blank Entertainment. There is no official release date yet. 

Future Agents: ReduxEdit

Future Agents: Redux is a web comic sequel to Future Agents the Movie. More information will be available soon!


Point Blank Entertainment accepts affiliates for promotional benefits. Affiliates do not directly contribute in any way to media created by Point Blank Entertainment. They do however, provide a support network that encourages the creativity of many individuals in the animation, voice acting, and digital art communities. Affiliates can point towards different sources for voices, effects, music, sound effects, etc.

Critical Pictures: Critical Pictures has created many projects such as Take it Sevenfold, Happy Critical Day! , Gear Babies , and their current project, 2.0 . ArcanumOrder is the lead animator and director for 2.0, and also contributes many voices. Critical Pictures is included in the opening title card as well as the ending credits.

Pilot-Obvious Pictures: Pilot-Obvious pictures is a pseudonym for the creator, Pilot-Obvious, a.k.a. Helen Holman. The name was originally intended to be use as an alternative to Point Blank Entertainment, specifically for non action-oriented animations.